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Sharp SDW.

Sharp SDW

The Sharp Data Wizard offers communications packages with Sharp registers. Currently the program is available with the Sharp models ER-A410, ER-A420, ER-A450T, ER-A520, ER-A530, UP-600, UP-700, ER-A770, ER-A771, UP-810, UP-820, UP-3300, UP-3301, UP-X300, UP-3500. Programming changes can be made at your computer, either on site or from a remote location. Polling reports are done on a demand basis or on a timed schedule. The SDW software also works in a multiple site environment.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities are available. Reports can called up for the past week, past month, past year or any selected data range. Information can be exported to either Access or Excel to create customized reports.

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  • Sharp Cash Register Software
    • Works with a range of Sharp cash registers
    • Polling-Preset times
    • Broadcasting-Preset times
  • Multiple Methods of Communication
    • On site
    • Home office
    • Remote office
  • Reports
    • Reports by week, month or year
    • Customized date range reports
    • Set reports in graphical format
  • Database
    • Import/Export Excel files
    • Optional inventory tracking
    • Optional keysheet printing
  • Sharp
    • Over thirty five years world wide experience in the cash register business
    • Sharp software for Sharp cash registers
    • Ongoing support



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