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Sharp ER-A410 Cash Register.


The Sharp ER-A410 cash register with it's raised keyboard and scanning capability is most often used in the retail store environment. This register is ideally suited to a single lane application.

The Sharp ER-A410 was designed to provide control of revenue and to ensure pricing integrity. The programmable keyboard allows customized reporting and operation solutions.

Integrated credit and debit card solutions ensure higher thru put at the ER-A410 resulting in higher customer satisfaction and lower labor costs.

The rugged reliability of the Sharp ER-A410 allows us the ability to offer extended warranty programs between three and seven years.

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  • Food Costs
    • Enforcement of correct pricing of all items
    • Control of coupons and promo pricing
    • Optional kitchen printer to ensure that all items are rung up
  • Labor Costs
    • Faster customer service at the register
    • Optional kitchen printer to enhance productivity
    • Hourly sales report to ensure that budgets are being met
  • Service
    • Faster transactions at the register
    • Accurate orders that eliminate kitchen order errors
    • Accurate pricing that enhances customer satisfaction
  • Optional Integrated Credit Card Processing
    • High speed DSL for faster customer service
    • Faster customer service-no reentry of credit card info on a stand alone terminal
    • No reentry errors on a stand alone terminal
  • Sharp
    • Rugged reliability-Up to a seven year extended warranty available
    • Ease of use
    • Over thirty five years world wide experience in the cash register business



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